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Inviting New Students - Coupons for All Lessons

Jan 3, 2019 22:00〜Jan 18, 2019 21:59
New Students Only

Lessons for which you can use this coupon

Lessons Counselling

15min 400P

Skype Lesson

Choose your future lessons or lesson packs by consulting with me thro...

A Topic-A Lesson

30min 1,900P

Skype Lesson

A 30-minute discussion lesson discussing various questions around a t...


25min 1,200P

Skype Lesson

Dictation is listening and then writing what you hear. It is effectiv...

Phrasal Verbs

25min 1,200P

Skype Lesson

Learn phrasal verbs through this lesson and how to use them in senten...

Practice English by Reading Aloud

20min 800P

Skype Lesson

A guided reading session for you to practice your reading skills out ...

Read Aloud 45-min Session

45min 1,800P

Skype Lesson

This is a 45-minute guided reading session where you will practice re...

25-min Lunchtime Chats

25min 1,200P

Skype Lesson

If this is your lunchtime break and you're not at the gym or yoga or ...

Reviewing, Proofreading, Writing and Correction of Short Content or W...

This is a short consulting session to identify your requirements befo...

Let's Meet 'n' Greet!

15min 600P

Skype Lesson

Simple casual conversation revolving around introductions and speakin...

15-Minute Dialogue

15min 700P

Skype Lesson

Conversations kept short and sweet. Beginning with introductions and ...

Improve your writing and get your short essays corrected with feedbac...

This beginners session is designed to start on some basic vocabulary ...

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