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The memories you will gain through Cafetalk's homestay program are priceless!
Try it out and experience something that money can't buy.

These popular Cafetalk tutors may change your life! They are here to help give you an incredible experience.

We at Cafetalk have gotten to know these tutors thoroughly and can confidently recommend their priceless study abroad programs! Experience life abroad!

Destinations and Hosts

How It Works

What is the Cafetalk Homestay Program?

For the first time ever, you have a the chance to live the lifestyle of that tutor whose lessons you’ve always been taking. What sets Cafetalk’s homestay program apart from others is that we know our hosts (the tutors) very well.

Rather than accepting applications from people who want to become hosts, we invite trustworthy tutors to join the program after we’ve thoroughly gotten to know them. The biggest difference is that you and the tutor can get to know each other on a personal level before your stay.

Not sure which city to choose?

You can take it easy in the countryside, or experience a whole new different lifestyle in the city, or you can even stay in a city where two different cultures are mixed together.

If you’re not sure which destination suits you best, or would like to learn more about the tutor and their lifestyle before making your choice, please book a counseling session.

How to Apply

Once you have decided on a program and your desired dates, please click on the application button at the bottom of this page, fill out all the required fields, and send.

We will double check the dates with the tutor and contact you with an estimate. *Please note that if you are not already one of the tutor's students, you may be required to take a home stay counseling session or a pre-home stay lesson.

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