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Improve your writing and get your short essays corrected with feedback and comments


Other - Topics to be provided


This is a no-skype lesson and can be used as writing practice if you are studying to pass the IELTS or EIKEN test or an English short essay writing test. 
You will be provided with a topic for each lesson you subscribe into.
Your writing will be marked for grammar, vocabulary, sentence structures and content.
Alternatively, if you have a subject area or topic that you wish to write about, you may use this exercise to improve it further and have it reviewed.
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Hi there students! My name is Suja and I'm thrilled to join the community on Cafetalk.I am certified with a TESOL (Teach English for Speakers of Other Languages) certificate as well as an IELTS c...

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Improve your writing and get your short essays corrected with feedbac...

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