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Russian tongue twisters and Pronunciation

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Surprise everyone with your Russian!




Whould you like to surprise your friends and relatives with your Russian? Let's do it! Russian tongue twisters and different exercises can help you! Just imaging what a funny lesson will it be!

You'll practice:

1. Vowel reduction: хорошо - [харашо], молоко - [малако]...
2. Hard and soft consonants: мышка - [мышка], мишка - [м'ишка]...
3. Voiced and voiceless consonants: папа - [папа], баба - [баба]...
4. Sonorant consonants: галка - [галка], галька - [гал'ка]...
5. Labial and labiodental consonants: был - [был], выл - [выл]...
6. Sibilants
: чудесный [чуд'эсный], жук [жук]...

7. Assimilation
: сладкий [слатк'ий], мягкий [м'ахк'ий]...

Great for beginners and intermediate students!

Let's practise your pronunciation!

Всех скороговорок не перескороговоришь!

New Students Welcome!

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Hello everyone! My name is Yuliya and I would like to spend some quality time with you in a Russian language environment! I live in Cheremushki, Khakasia Republic, Russia. The biggest Russian Say...

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