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Paola Italian pronunciation (extended version)

Italian pronunciation (extended version)

40min 2,100 Points

Skype Lesson

Aglio, giugno, foglia, folla... let's practise!




By popular demand, here is the extended version of my Italian pronunciation 20 mins lesson!
20 minutes = 1200 points
40 minutes = 2400 2100 points

The Italian language sounds beautiful and one of its peculiarities is that you pronounce every single element that is represented for each word (with a few exceptions), although this doesn't mean it's easy to pronounce for foreigners!

We have some phones that are quite hard to pronounce and sometimes can cause misunderstandings. There was this one time when I was playing Pictionary with some Japanese friends who were studying Italian, and while I was all busy trying to draw a nice house with a pool, they kept saying a word that sounded completely out of place to me: BIRRA. Birra?! this doesn't look like a beverage at all! Then they wrote it down and I got it: it was VILLA (Japanese people use B for V and R for L). It may sound silly but it took way too long for me to understand!

So, having studied linguistics and phonetics, I decided to dedicate a mini-lesson to pronunciation, something not essential but still very important for a more complete study of the Italian language, especially if you're an Italian teacher or an opera singer!

We will practice:
★ Reading aloud
★ Shadowing
★ Dictation of words with similar phones
★ Listening and repeating
★ Transcription
New Students Welcome!

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Ciao a tutti!My name is Paola and I'm an Italian and English language teacher. I'm also a translator and I work with 3 languages (Italian, English, Japanese).  This is my Facebook page: Paola_Ca...

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Aglio, giugno, foglia, folla... let's practise!

Aglio, giugno, foglia, folla... let's practise!

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