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Shirley D Free Talking - 25

Free Talking - 25

25min 1,200 Points

Skype Lesson

You pick the topic and come prepared for a 25-minute conversation.




Choose a topic you wish to talk about. I will help you with your vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and fluency.

NEW: A recording of the class can be made for you (might not work if you are using a smartphone or tablet for your lesson) and sent to you immediately following the lesson.
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Shirley D
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I'm Shirley and I'm from Canada. I enjoy reading, writing, outdoor activities and line dancing!I taught English as a Second Language in South Korea for over ten years. Many of those years were spen...

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Free Talking - 25

25min 1,200P

Skype Lesson

You pick the topic and come prepared for a 25-minute conversation.

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