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Sheka シェカ > 『面接突破!』(中途向け) Job Interview for Working People

『面接突破!』(中途向け) Job Interview for Working People

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The material used in this lesson is intended for BEGINNERS to LOWER INTERMEDIATE level students. UPPER INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCE level students may choose not to use the material and proceed to answering a set of interview questions.

The lesson is divided into three parts. The first part is DIALOGUE, which we will act out and learn how to naturally talk in English. The second part gives you a set of questions and answers that are interrelated. Finally, on the last part I will ask you the questions and answer them on your own.

We'll work on your pronunciation and sentence construction skills throughout the lesson.

Each material focuses on different topics that are essential in a job interview. Some of these topics are:

1.Education Background
2.Work Experience
3.Work Achievements
4.Technical and Professional Abilities
5.Interpersonal Skills
6.Short-Term and Long-Term goals
7.Facing Sucess
9.Overcoming Difficulties

Here's a sample of the lesson flow:


Interviewer: Since this position needs someone who is capable of facing difficulties and challenges, do you think you are the right person, Mr. Chen?
Interviewee: Yes, I think so. I can work under great pressures. I cannot only face various difficulties but also solve them as soon as possible.
Interviewer: How do you do that?
Interviewee: Well, I’m not afraid to ask questions. I will try to get other’s advice. If it doesn’t work, I will look for the answers myself. There is solution to every problem. If possible, I can take creative investigation. I am a problem solver by nature. Nothing puzzles me for a long time. If it does, I just keep working until I find the solution.
Interviewer: So you consider yourself as a confident person?
Interviewee: Yes, I think so.
Interviewer: Do you believe confidence is important at work?
Interviewee: Certainly. In my opinion, a man without confidence can fulfill nothing. We need confidence at work. Actually, to do everything, we must believe we can do it and do it well. Then, miracles start.


Q: How do you face difficulties?
A: In times of difficulties, I try to keep calm and confident.
Q: What do you do when you have trouble solving a problem?
A: When I need to solve a problem, I generally start by writing down as many ideas as I can that can be possible solutions.
Q: Are you a confident man?
A: I am always a confident person and I believe nothing is impossible.
Q: Do you think confidence is important at work?
A: Confidence is very important at work and it directly
influences one’s performance.


Answer the following questions on your own:
1.How do you face difficulties?
2.What do you do when you have trouble solving a problem?
3.Do you think confidence is important at work?

Here's a sample list of interview questions:

Work History
1. Tell me about your previous job.
2. What were your expectations for the job and to what extent were they met?
3. What were your starting and final levels of compensation?
4.What major challenges and problems did you face? How did you handle them?
5. What did you like or dislike about your previous job?

Personal Qualities
1. How would you describe yourself?
2. What is your greatest weakness?
3. What is your greatest strength?
4. How do you handle stress and pressure?
5. What motivates you?

About the New Job
1. What interests you about this job?
2. What do you know about this company?
3. Why should we hire you?
4. What can you contribute to this company?
5. How long do you expect to remain employed with this company?

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