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Laura D Introduction English 101

Introduction English 101

30min 600 Points

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A lesson that is tailored to what you want to learn.




This lesson is a great opportunity for you to improve your English skills in a supportive environment. Additionally, this is also a chance for me to determine your level of English and what you hope to gain out of our lessons.

What this lesson is about

  • If you take this lesson, you will have an opportunity to improve your pronunciation, grammar and speaking abilities.
  • Ask any questions that you may have. This could be where you are having problems with in your IELTS exam or just have a question that you want to clarify.
  • Want to have a quick chat to practice your English skills.
Who should take this lesson:
  • Great for beginners. (I'm still learning Japanese, so I may be able to explain some of sentences to you in Japanese)
  • For advanced and intermediate speakers who haven't had a chance to speak in English for a while.
  • Those studying for the IELTS exam.
  • People who are learning for business purposes.
  • If you are a busy person who just wants to have a quick chat in English.
Do I need to provide materials?

Whilst you don't need to have your own materials, if there is anything you want me to cover, let me know on the memo.

What happens after the lesson?

I will give you feedback not only about what we talked about in the lesson but also new phrases and words that you learned. 

Anything else?

Not really, just be prepared to improve your English speaking ability and answer a lot of questions during our conversations and let me know more about you in our introductions. I prefer that you do a lot of the speaking. Oh and I speak with a neutral Australian accent that sounds a bit British to some.

Have a great day and hope to see you soon in a lesson!
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Hi there! こんにちは! 안녕하세요! 您好! I'm Laura and I'm Sydney born and raised. Right now I'm freelancing in various jobs including this but did you know that I also host Meetups as well?A few fun facts abou...

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A lesson that is tailored to what you want to learn.

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