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Read in Japanese!

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Are you ready to try reading newspaper clippings?


Other - 新聞の投書欄


Before class, I will send you a clipping from the letters to the editor column. You can read the article and look up words before the lesson. 

I will have you read the clipping aloud. Don't worry if there are words you don't know how to read, or if you don't know the meaning because I will explain it in simple Japanese. After that, I will ask you several questions to check your reading comprehension. Finally, we will discuss your opinion and impression of the article and end class. 

We will be focusing on modern social issues and current affairs that are relevant to us.
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Hello everyone! I became interested in becoming a Japanese teacher back when I was in high school. After that I completed a Japanese teacher training at university and also passed the official Japan...

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Are you ready to try reading newspaper clippings?

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