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A class about describing pictures, places, people....


When speaking a foreign language, description is a very important skill to have, whether that includes describing a person, a thing, a place, a picture, or even how you feel. It's a very important element in communicating effectively in English. The more adjectives and adverbs you learn to use, the more precise your description will become.

So let's describe! I will bring images to class and send them to you via skype. You will describe it in your own words as best you can, and I'll type what you say. Then we will go over your text together. We will fix grammar or syntax errors and, most importantly, talk about word choice and natural phrasing... For example, maybe another adjective would have worked better in place of the one you used. Or maybe a sentence will be grammatically correct, but it doesn't sound natural to a native speaker. These are things we will improve in your own speaking.

I hope to see you in my class!

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