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Speaking practice

25min 900 Points

Skype Lesson

It is a conversation lesson according to one topic.


You can learn expressions of conversation according to the following topics in this class.
There is no problem even if you can not read hiragana.

Topic ex.

1.Weekend:Using past tense

2.Hobby:Talking about your favorite

3.Travel:Talking about your experience

4.Food:Using comparison
5.Summer Vacation:Talking about your intension

Please choose one topic before the lesson.
I will teach in English during lessons.
If you do not need English support, please tell me.

I will give you handout (list of example conversation and vocabulary) after the lesson.

Please enjoy conversation!

New Students Welcome!

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Hello! I'm May. I'm teaching Japanese at university. I went to a foreign country for the first time when I was a high school student. It was England. That experience inspired my life. Depending ...

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大学・大学院進学志望者向けに、受験時に必要な文書の添削を行います。 (上級者向け)




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