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2020 Awesome Lesson Awards (Spring/Summer)

January - June 2020 Cafetalk Special Event

Thank you for learning with us and our amazing Tutors
this Spring/Summer 2020!

It has very admittedly been a very crazy first half of 2020. From expecting to host the Olympics this summer, Japan has postponed the Olympics and big parts of our world have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We here at Cafetalk have been extremely lucky to be able to continue our service by allowing all of our employees to work from home, and we have been even more lucky as we feel our service managed to provide a source of income for many tutors and teachers who lost teaching hours. And hopefully, Cafetalk has been a source of joy and learning for those students who kept on learning with us while protecting others by staying at home.

Therefore, we are looking toward this Award season in a somewhat more serious fashion than usual, but we still wish to allow our students to vote for those tutors that have helped them and their kids through quarantine (whether voluntary or not) and to say thank you to all those tutors who have diligently kept on teaching through these difficult times.

A big thank you from the Cafetalk team goes out to all of our students and tutors! ♥

Without further ado, we are ready to open up the polls to choose the most popular lessons & tutors of the first half of 2020☆★

Vote for a favorite lesson that you’ve been taking on a regular basis, or let the world know about a new rising star you’ve discovered.
Make sure to support the tutors you think deserve some recognition for all their hard work!

Voting is Closed

☆Point Present Lottery:

Out of all eager voters we will randomly draw

20 winners who will each receive a 2020 point present

to use for any lesson of their choice! So go ahead, make our servers burn, and cast your votes!

*Each vote you cast equals one entry into the draw. The more often you vote, the higher your chance to win that 2020 point present!

*The winners will each receive an extra 2020 points on top of their existing points. The presented points will have a validity of 1 month.

Voter comments will be selected at random and featured on the awards page as well as displayed on the tutor's profile.
Please let us and the world know what you think about your favorite lessons and tutors!

*Leaving a comment when casting your vote is optional but highly encouraged.

Please note that the award system has changed a little bit this year. This year, you can nominate language tutors for one of the following categories:

  • ① Most Fun
  • ② Great with Kids
  • ③ Great material / Lesson plans
  • ④ Great conversationalist

On top of these categories, the "Grand Prize" will be given to tutors with the most votes and best comments, and the "Newcomer Award" will be given to several new language tutors.

For all other categories, several tutors will receive awards among the following categories:

  • ① Music
  • ② Health/Fitness/Dance
  • ③ Academic Tutors
  • ④ Hobby 
  • ⑤ Other

Voting Period: Jun 18, 2020(Thu)~ Jun 30(Tue)

Students' Voice

  • 한국어 회화 및 Q&A


    ***o55 | Jun 30, 2020
  • Free Talk for 25 mins


    Tugba Kaya
    ***iyama1228 | Jun 30, 2020
  • 한국어 입문 (Entry Level of Korean language)

    He is really nice and patient. The material in my lesson is easy to understand and follow the today's grammatical target at my entry level. As a result, each lesson makes me improve effectively. I'm a bigginer student. I can read some simple Korean alphabets and words but can't read sentences. I listen to K-pop everyday. Unfortunately, I never have a conversation in Korean before I joined Cafetalk. He talked to me in Korean and English slowly. I like this teaching style!

    ***ren | Jun 30, 2020
  • Japanese For YOU! 30mins

    Maki-sensei is a great teacher, who makes sure to provide the lesson according to the student´s needs. I asked her if we can use a specific learning technique and she prepared everything perfectly. I can highly recommend her!

    ***essa.M | Jun 30, 2020
  • Korean Free Talking 60mins(Feedback included)

    I´ve been taking Zinie´s lessons since last year and even though I´m still a beginner, she made it possible for me to talk to her in Korean for an hour. And it was always a lot of fun. She prepares a topic beforehand and leads patiently through the conversation by asking many questions.

    ***essa.M | Jun 30, 2020
  • Direct Method


    ***imotch | Jun 30, 2020
  • 【Part.4】韓国語入門/ハングル講座「フィードバック付き」


    ***1230 | Jun 30, 2020
  • Interesting Idioms (Intermediate-Advanced)


    Josh C
    ***u02 | Jun 30, 2020
  • Espresso Italiano

    I´m happy that I found Flavia here on Cafetalk. It is a lot of fun talking to her. 30 minutes go by so fast every time and I can feel comfortable talking Italian with her.

    Flavia C
    ***essa.M | Jun 30, 2020

Award Details

Cast your vote for a lesson you took during the first half of 2020 which you think is worthy of any or one specific award. You can also vote for lesson packs!

Winner Announcement

July 2, 2020 (planned)

Selection Method

The winner will be selected based on a scoring method that takes into account the number of student votes, lessons completed, and feedback received within the past 6 months. You can also nominate language tutors for an award category if you like!

Voting is Closed

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