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Japanese Novels for the Advanced Learners

35min 800 Points

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You can practice listening, writing and speaking in Japanese while taking this lesson. The more you take this lesson, the more you will become fluent in Japanese. This lesson is for the advanced students.


Original Material


You do not have to buy a novel for the first time you take this lesson.

This lesson is for Japanese language learners who want to polish their phrases and expressions.


Once you decide to keep taking this lesson, purchase one copy of the novel, 木漏れ日に泳ぐ魚 written by Onda Riku (恩田 陸).


You will find:

many conversation sentences,

Common daily life of people in Japan,

The imaginary and spiritual world,

Simple and nice expressions,

The storyline, ...

So I recommend this lesson to you!



1. Listen to a block of sentences from the novel.

2.Check some words used in the sentences.
  Write down the words that you hear.
( I will read slowly and describe the words according to your Japanese level. )


     Follow me and speak what I said.


5.Read over again!
  I'm sure you have a better grasp of the sentences :)
  Let's talk now! ♫



※ Prior to this lesson, please prepare one sheet of paper and a pen.



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