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Let's have discussion in Japanese!

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Let's practice Japanese by more efficient and practical way!


In this lesson, you can discuss about a topic.

The theme of discussion is not determined. We can have discussion from the theme which is at conversational level: about hobby, your country, favorite movie, future etc. to advanced level: education, enviromantal issue etc. Any theme is ok. If you couldn't come up with a theme, I will suggest a topic and ask some easy questions, develop the topic.

Before we start to have discussion, we decide our theme first. Then, in the rest of the time, we discuss about the topic we settled on.

For example,

・Conversational level theme: Travel

Q1. If you go on a trip, which one do you prefer to go, domestic or oversea?

Q2. Which city do you want to go? Why?

・Advanced level theme: Future education method

Q1. What do you think about differences between current education and 10years later's?

Q2. Do you agree with the introduction of AI to the lessons of elementary school or not? Why?

Having discussion is one of the most efficient way to master foreign language. Let's train how to listen to Japanese, think in Japanese and answer in Japanese!

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こんにちは!私はKanakoと申します。現在日本と中国を行き来しながら生活しています。 経歴とカフェトーク講師登録に至った経緯 まず初めに、私は日本語教師の資格を持っておらず、日本語教師としての経験はありません。私は大学時代に中国で語学留学をしたり、現在中国で大学院に通っていることもあり、外国人の友人がたくさんいます。中には、日本語を勉強したいという友人が何人もいます。日本語を勉強したい友人たち...

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Let's have discussion in Japanese!

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Let's practice Japanese by more efficient and practical way!

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