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may Intermediate Japanese Grammar

Intermediate Japanese Grammar

50min 2,200 Points

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Intermediate grammar with easy to understand explanations.


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This lesson is for people who would like to get a firm grasp on Japanese grammar, targeting those who are aiming for JLPT N1 or N2. All explanations will be in Japanese.

I require you to complete practice problems before the lesson. They are from the textbook,「日本語中級日本語文法要点整理ポイント20」(Publisher: スリーエーネットワーク、ISBN: 978-4-88319-457-5). You do not need to buy the book.

When you make your request, please choose the area you are interested in from the list below and write the number in the comment comment. I will attach the related practice problems so please complete them before the lesson. I try my best to respond to requests as quickly as possible, but just in case, please try to leave plenty of time.

We will answer and review the practice questions during the lesson. Then we will use those grammar points in conversation! Please ask any questions you have.

1. Particles with various functions
2. Topicalization
3. Phrases used like particles (1)
4. Phrases used like particles (2)
5. Phrases used like particles (3)
6. How to nominalize verbs and adjectives
7. Structure of complex sentences, tense
8. Noun modification
9. Expressions that form complex sentences (1): Time
10. Expressions that form complex sentences (2): Describing subjunctive conditions/adversative conditions or conjunctions
11. Expressions that form complex sentences (3): Showing cause/reason or correlation
12. Expressions to deny something
13. Conveying subjective information (1): How to express the speaker's senses, strong feelings, or judgement that something is impossible
14. Conveying subjective information (2): How to express the speaker's conjecture, desire, admiration, or suggestion
15. Adverbs that are used like idioms
16. Conjunctions
17. Expanding your vocabulary
18. Formal sentences
19. Polite expressions
20. Cohesion in conversation and written language

※There is a one time only trial lesson available for students who are new to this course. The topic of the trial lesson will be "1. Particles with various functions" (different content from the actual lesson). 
New Students Welcome!

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Intermediate Japanese Grammar

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Intermediate grammar with easy to understand explanations.

Get your Japanese composition corrected!

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