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JLPT N4 Prep + Conversation Practice

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Study for the JLPT N4 AND learn some daily words and phrases! By reading aloud a sentence and having a free conversation practice, you will master the use of some important Japanese words!


This lesson is highly recommendable to those students who

★ started studying the last-half of the Elementary level Japanese.

★ want to learn some daily Japanese words and phrases.

★ is going to take the JLPT N4.

In this lesson, we will learn some Japanese words and phrases which are often used in our daily conversation. In the textbook, you will see approximately 15 to 20 N4 level words per unit. There are in a total of 32 units in the textbook, and each unit talks about a different topic. Each unit has a 100-character-long passage that associates with the topic of each unit.

In every 4 unit, you will see a test-preparation quiz and a set of review questions.

We will practice words by reading aloud and doing repeat-after-me. We can also discuss a topic to practice Japanese conversation. Not only increasing your Japanese vocabulary and studying for the 4N exam, but you can also polish your Japanese communication skill by taking this lesson!

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Hi, everyone! I am Shiki. How is your Japanese study going? I hope you are doing well and enjoying learning Japanese. I love teaching Japanese and meeting new people. I am a patient, kind, certified...

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