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Kayo I > Write a Diary in Japanese! (With Skype)

Write a Diary in Japanese! (With Skype)

15min 800 Points

Skype Lesson

Keep a DIARY in Japanese, a great habit!


Express yourself in writing!

Around 10 sentences of casual writing in Japanese would be great!

Please send me your writing in advance.

Then I'll proofread it.

Afterwards, we'll talk about it during a 15-min skype lesson.

You can learn vocabulary, expressions, and sentence constructions through writing.

New Students Welcome!

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Hello! I'm Kayo, a licensed Japanese teacher. I live in Yokohama, Japan. I've been teaching Japanese for 13 years (in Malaysia and Japan). Teaching is my passion. In my spare time,...

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Write a DIARY in Japanese, a great habit!

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