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Conversation class about travelling!

40min 1,500 Points

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Always wanted to know what to say when you're traveling? This is the lesson to learn that!




Level of class: Great for beginners and intermediate students
Topic of the lesson: Travel
Aims of the lesson:
- Student will be able to use the target language for travelling
- Student will be able to pronounce the target language properly
- Student will practise the vocabulary of travelling
Secondary aims to the lesson:
- Student will be able to use the correct grammar form of the target language
- Student will be able to match the corresponding words to the correct tenses
Materials and software to be used:
- laptop, worksheet, flashcards
- Website for watching the video:

Warmer: Holiday game 
Teacher says: I'm going on a holiday and I'm bringing: sleeping bag, toothbrush, shoes, pants, e.g.
Student must remember what has been said and add up all the words.
Presentation stage: Introducing the topic: travel 
What is travel?
Going from place to place,
Using different kinds of transport,

Ask the student where he/she likes to go. 

Reason for doing activity:
To introduce the target language and to help the student with meaning, form and pronunciation.

Presentation: Make different sentences for how you can travel.
In what kind of way can you travel?
-  By car
-  By train
- By airplane
- By boat
-  E.g.

Use flashcard for the description. Explain about what happens at an airport.

Practice: Hand out worksheet!

Student must fill in the worksheet to check the understanding of the target language.

Practice stage:
Watch the video about the point of travel.


Review on video:

Why are we traveling?

Practice stage:

Students must make a dialogue about going to a travel agency. Then act out the dialogue with the teacher by giving them the conversation.

Teacher will give an example of where to go to. Students must come up with all the details:

-          Transport

-          Destination

-          Time

How many people


Correct common mistakes and go over anything that can be challenging.

* Answers worksheet

For teachers

Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.

4 direct                       1) better but more expensive travel condition
5 check                       2) spaces for passengers to sit
6 in time                     3) Company that arranges travel
2 seats                        4) non-stop
8 flight                        5) confirm or make sure
7 economy class          6) early or not late
1 business class           7) cheap and less comfortable
3 Travel agency           8) aircraft making a journey



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Conversation class about travelling!

40min 1,500P

Skype Lesson

Always wanted to know what to say when you're traveling? This is the ...

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