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Shiki みんなの日本語 Beginner

みんなの日本語 Beginner

50min 2,000 Points

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Let's enjoy learning Japanese using the textbook that would make your study as enjoyable and interesting as possible!!


Minna no Nihongo aims at anyone who urgently needs to learn how to communicate in Japanese in any situation, whether at his/her workplace, school, college or in a local community.

The good part of this textbook is that Translation and Grammatical Notes are available in more than 10 languages.

It will help you understand the lessons efficiently and help you reduce frustrating misunderstandings that you may possibly face during your studies.

☆ I would like to take as much speaking practice as possible.

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Hi, everyone! I am Shiki. How is your Japanese study going? I hope you are doing well and enjoying learning Japanese. I love teaching Japanese and meeting new people. I am a patient, kind, certified...

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