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Conversational class about the weather

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This is the perfect class if you want to know more about the weather!




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Level of class: Perfect for beginners 

Topic of the lesson: Weather

Number of students: 1

Aims of the lesson: 

- Students will be able to start with writing activities.

- Students will practice the vocabulary about the weather and seasons.

- Students will be able to identify the four seasons in English. 

- Students will be able to associate the flashcard pictures with the seasons.

Secondary aims to the lesson:

- To review and practice the seasons by using the adjectives and verbs by teaching the students extra vocabulary. 

- Students will be able to match the corresponding adjective and verbs with the correct season.

Materials and software to be used:

- Flashcards to convey the meaning of the seasons (large)

- Flashcards to convey the adjectives and verbs of that seasons (large)

- Worksheet 

Warmer: Play the game “Facts”.

Give your student any topic and suggest that they write down as many facts they know about this topic.

*Reason for doing this activity:

Prepares the student for learning. A good way for students to be active.

Teacher can monitor the students use of English and note any areas to focus on in the review section.

Presentation stage: Introducing making a sentence. Topic: Weather

Write different sentences on the board to describe the weather. Use flashcard for the description.

Using visuals to teach the adjectives:

-It is windy

-It is sunny

-It is rainy

-It is stormy Etc 


For each adjective use the drilling technique to ensure that the students will understand the meaning. Mime the adjectives for each season. Meaning should be obvious through the visuals.


Introducing verbs that describe the weather.

-It is raining

-It is snowing

-It is hailing

-It is going to rain 


Use drilling, chorusing and eliciting techniques.


Use eliciting to get the adjectives and verbs from the students.

Production stage: 

Encourage your students to draw their favourite season. Let them write a short story what the drawing is about. With use of the adjectives and verbs of the newly taught language. 

A good way for the teacher to check the students understanding of the newly taught language.


Correct common mistakes and go over anything that can be challenging.


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This is the perfect class if you want to know more about the weather!

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