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Ceci C ♪Free talking in English! ♪ 25 min

♪Free talking in English! ♪ 25 min

25min 1,100 Points

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Let's have a fun conversation :)




We will discuss any topic in English. I will correct your mistakes and give feedback after lessons.  
Lesson plans and topics are flexible. A topic list can also be shared prior to our lesson.We can work out the most comfortable way to meet you personal goals. 
All levels are welcome! 
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Ceci C
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♪ こんにちは、セシと申します。よろしくお願いします♪ Hello, my name is Ceci.  I live in London.  Born in Hong Kong and grew up in the UK, I am a native speaker of Cantonese and English, and a fluent speaker of Ma...

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Let's have a fun conversation :)

Let's spend a little time to have a targeted daily conversation to im...

*Build lots of vocab* Let's have a conversation based on a reading ma...

Customised English class

30min 1,900P

Skype Lesson

TOEIC, IELTS exams prep //grammar review // prep for your important p...

Describing Pictures! (kids/adults)

20min 1,000P

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Children's English!

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Learn how to write properly using British English

♪きっと役立つ広東語 30 min

30min 2,000P

Skype Lesson

旅に役立つ広東語♪ 広東語圏の人と仲良くなるための言葉 香港人と恋愛中の人 ♪ 告白で使えるフレーズ

Suitable for preschool and primary school kids. Learn English by read...

Learn Science and English at the same time using fun activities.

Let's have a fun conversation using Skype video or chat message :)



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