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The United States Accent: Accent Course

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Better Pronunciation From Day One!


Textbook - American Accent Training


~*The same course as pronunciation masters before 11/03/2014*~

Do people have difficulty understanding your pronunciation? Are there certain sounds that make your frustrated?

Improve your spoken communication with my English Pronunciation course.

  • Learn clear professional English

  • Increase your career opportunities and impress job interviewers

  • Correct your pronunciation & rhythm of 1000 English words & sentences

  • Training is easy to follow & flexible

You will correct the areas of English Pronunciation that Japanese speakers find challenging. You will learn to speak clear English, with more confidence.

Course Theme

Many countries all over the world use English as their first language. While the pronunciation varies from nation to nation, accents can also vary within each nation. It is my goal to teach you the most commonly used accent in American films and movies: Western United States Accent.

Accent consists of five parts, pronunciation, intonation, liaisons, voice quality and geographic area. This class covers it all as is spoken by native English speakers in the western United States. 

The western United States is the largest dialect region in the United States, and the one with the fewest distinctive phonological features. It also used in many forms of media, making it one of the most easy accent to learn. These facts can both be attributed to the fact that the West is the region most recently settled by English speakers, and so there has not been sufficient time for the region to develop unique phonetic characteristics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_English_regional_phonology) 

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the United States Accent: Training Course. I’m your instructor, Jordan Ring. In this course, we’ll come together to help you master the American accent. I speak English with a western American Accent, like one you would hear in California.

If you are interested in just finding and fixing the weak spots in your pronunciation and accent. Try taking the Pronunciation Repairman  lesson option. United States Accent: Accent Training Course is a full on course that takes you through the entire American accent.


Value Course Option: Master a new accent at a great value!

5 Lesson option: 11000 points

Save by purchasing a lesson pack.

Study Materials and Methods

Textbook (optional): Barron's American Accent Training 3rd Edition, Ann Cook

MP3 Audio Files

Note: Student must be able to use the internet as well as download and view PDF files. All homework assignments will be submitted to me via my Skype profile and my email address

Course Specifics

30 lessons:

This course takes you through all the sounds in the Western United States accent with in 30 lessons. However lesson schedule and pace is determined on the needs and schedule of the student. This course also includes nation specific guidance to help you to know what you need to work on from the perspective of your own native language. Progress analysis occurs every 5 lessons to make sure the student is retaining the material being taught.

Lessons 1-5:

Course introduction, Level Check, American Sound, General Pronunciation,

Lessons 5-30:

It's a secret! Study with me to find out more!

If you have questions about this or any other lesson, feel free to ask me questions by sending me a message.

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