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Fun French (Intermediate)

60min 2,500 Points

Skype Lesson

Once you're familiar with basic French, try creating longer sentences.




In this course we will focus mainly on increasing your reading skills.

We will read about various topics such as literature, arts, current issues, and magazine columns at an intermediate level. I will provide the material. Each reading is about 1 page of A4 size paper.

Please read your assignments from start to finish before the lesson. In this intermediate course, I will have you read the long passages aloud and then afterwards we will go through them line by line to make sure you understand everything. I will ask you questions about the content so that your speaking skills improve along with your reading skills. I will also explain any questions you have about syntax or vocabulary.

Once you can read longer sentences in French, it'll become a lot more fun! Let's read a lot of passages in French together.

Class materials: Independent. Please consult with me.

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Skype Lesson

Once you're familiar with basic French, try creating longer sentences.

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