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Hyewon K Today my country is...

Today my country is...

25min 700 Points

Skype Lesson

Tell me about everyday news from your country!


Let's talk about 'your country' in Korean every day!

I want to know...!
What is happening in your country?
What is the weather like where you live?
Please tell me about news you heard or read today!

This lesson is designed for students who wish to speak Korean a lot!
I will listen and correct any mistakes you make!
Of course, I will also tell you about Korea and Australia at your request!
Please tell me about your country.
You will be able to improve your Korean by telling me different news, different weather and different stories everyday.

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Hyewon K
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Good day!My name is Hyewon, and I am from South Korea.It is a pleasure to meet you here at Cafetalk.com!I have been teaching English and Korean to students from children to adults for over 3 years no...

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This is a lesson suitable for nurses or nursing students who would li...

Today my country is...

25min 700P

Skype Lesson

Tell me about everyday news from your country!

Pack of 8 (375 Points per lesson)

This is a pack of 8 fifteen - minute discussion lessons. You can save...

(For intermediate/advanced students) Affordable, simple, quick and ha...

(패키지) 30분 읽기와 말하기

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Pack of 4 (825 Points per lesson)

30분 읽기와 말하기의 4셋트 패키지 수업입니다.


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Let's practice Korean by reading and speaking a lot!

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