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Pack of 10 Kids Rule!子供英会話! Pack of 10!

25min 16,000 Points (1,600 Points per lesson)

Skype Lesson

The MOST FUN way for kids to learn English


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Lesson Pack Details

This is a 10-lesson pack. You will be issued 9 "coupons" when the first request is confirmed. You will be able to use these coupons for subsequent requests in the pack. Please note that all requests related to this pack must be taken within 60 days of the confirmation date of the first request.


10 lesson pack!

Kids Rule! Eikaiwa

Helping your kids to learn and love English

Welcome to  Kids Rule! Eikaiwa

Kids have fun by learning English with interactive lessons. This course involves singing, speaking games, and so much more.

Students start speaking and using English from lesson one.

Each lesson includes a free summary of what was taught in the lesson.

The instructor, Jay, is a bilingual Japanese speaker, and works great with even shy students!

About the course

This course is divided into seven levels, which take students from the basic greetings to talking about society and history.

Students must be 5 or older. 

Students who complete all levels receive a downloadable certificate created by Jay.

This course is made for native Japanese speakers who are learning English. It contains many Japanese cultural and geographical references. However, students from other countries are also welcome to take these lessons.

The first lesson consists of a fun, interactive assessment test that will determine which of the seven levels your child will take!

The course emphasizes speaking and involves zero homework.


A note for parents

It is fine if you wish to take the lesson with your child. It can be encouraging for children to have someone they trust with them. However, if we attend the lesson together, I have the following requests.

·         Please do not answer questions in the place of your child.

·         Please do not scold or correct your child mistakes mid-lesson.

·         Please communicate with me concerns you may have for your child before or after the lesson via Skype or a Cafetalk message.

·         Please read the messages I send to you regarding your child.

·         Please encourage your child to take lessons alone.

Important Policies

Students must be 5 years old or older. No exceptions. Please don’t ask for one.

Parents of students who refuse to participate in the course, who play games or browse the internet during lessons will be notified by Cafetalk and Skype.

If the student’s behavior does not improve, the student may be temporarily or permanently removed from the course at the discretion of the instructor. 

Students must participate in course with a notebook or personal computer. The instructor prohibits the use of smartphones and tablets for participating in lessons.

Students who request a Kids Rule Eikaiwa lesson from Jay, agree to be subject to the terms outlined in this lesson description.


 SNS: jeikaiwa

Twitter: @jeikaiwa
Facebook: J-eikaiwa
Instagram: @jeikaiwa
Youtube: J-Eikaiwa 

Currently Not Accepting New Students

This tutor's cancellation policy

Cancellation of pack lessons
'Unstarted' lesson packs can be cancelled any time. Used Points will be completely refunded. If a 'started' lesson pack is cancelled, you will be refunded 50% of the price of the remaining lessons provided that the lessons are unrequested, unconfirmed or not within 24 hours of their scheduled start times.

Cancelling individual requests in a pack
• If you wish to cancel a single lesson that belongs to a pack but not the whole pack, you can do so via the request page. In this case, the coupon used to book the lesson will either be refunded or collected, based on the following policy.
Before request is confirmed (fixed)
• Cancelation possible at any time without charge.

After request is confirmed (fixed)
• Less than 24hours before lesson start time.→ Coupon will be consumed.
No-Show→ Coupon will be consumed.

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J. Ring Sakabe
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Nice to meet you! Please call me Jay. My Mission: To help you understand and be understood by speakers of your target language. About me:  I was born and raised in the United States. I curren...

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Kids Rule!子供英会話! Pack of 10!

25min 16,000P

Skype Lesson
Pack of 10 (1,600 Points per lesson)

The MOST FUN way for kids to learn English

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