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Easy speeches

50min 2,100 Points

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Communication is not optional, speak openly and freely


Other - Toastmasters International communication manual


Firstly, we will get to know each other and you will tell me about your interests. Secondly, I will provide you a written Toastmasters' theory of your project. For example, in the first project - called Ice breaker - you will tell me about yourself. You will write a text and read it to me for the first time. The second meeting you will memorize the beginning and the end of the project, while using the notes less. Then I will give you my evaluation and I will focus on what you have done well, but I will also give you some points of improvement. 

みなさんに1つ秘密をお教えしましょう。誰でも、本当に誰でも、人前でスピーチをする時には緊張するのです。実際に、死よりも人前でのスピーチを恐れている人のほうが多いのです。私はToastmasters International(トーストマスターズ・インターナショナル)でパブリック・スピーカーとしてブロンズ賞を受賞しており、みなさんに私の経験と知識をお伝えしたいと思います。不安を克服し、スピーチの組み立て方、ボディーランゲージおよび声の効果的な使い方を学んで、インパクトのあるスピーカーになりましょう。

The projects are

1. Ice breaker
2.  Organize your speech
3.  Get to the point
4. How to say it
5. Your body speaks
6. Vocal variety
7. Research your topic 
8. Story telling

This class is excellent for the students who can have daily conversation in English, because they can build up both their vocabulary and their confidence.  

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