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Talking Heads

30min 1,300 Points

Skype Lesson

Short conversation lessons for busy people.




These conversation lessons are aimed at people who want regular English speaking practice, but don't have so much free time. Because of busy schedules, some of my students have asked me to if I can provide lessons of shorter time duration. Skills covered by the lesson will include Speaking, Reading, Listening, English Comprehension, and Vocabulary. However, we will usually decide on a conversation topic at the lesson time. So you don't have to prepare before the lesson. These lessons are best suited to students with Conversation skill level of Intermediate to Advanced.

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Greetings from Perth, Australia and welcome to Cafetalk.I'm sure you'll enjoy learning English with us.Remember new language learners, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Communication is more import...

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Talking Heads

30min 1,300P

Skype Lesson

Short conversation lessons for busy people.

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