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Laura Baker IELTS Prep Class

IELTS Prep Class

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In this class, you prepare for the IELTS Speaking and Writing test using both testing materials and real life English materials.

This class can be for any level student who is preparing for the IELTS.

What to expect:
Before each class: 
-You read a short article from the news. This builds vocabulary and reinforces certain grammar points. The article is related to the topic you will write about.

-You also prepare a written answer to an IELTS writing question to review together in class. These are taken from IELTS preparation materials. Please send this to me before class, so I can correct it first, to give meaningful feedback in class.

During class:
-We review the test structure and test strategies.

-You practice preparing and presenting an IELTS Speaking Task.

-After feedback, we move on to talk about the article you read for homework.

-Lastly, we go over your writing and discuss methods to improve.

After Class:
-You receive written feedback about the class, with suggestions and possible topics for a following class.

If you are planning to take the IELTS test, sign up for this class, and let me help you get ready to do your best!  I look forward to meeting you online!

*Please remember, preparing for the IELTS takes a lot of time and hard work. One class is only "a drop in the bucket." (It will help you, but one class will not be enough by itself.)


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Hello! I am Laura from the United States.A little about me: I began teaching English in 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan. I have more than eleven years of experience teaching adult conversation classes, Bu...

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