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Szilvia Nemeth Building your Confidence - Life coaching

Building your Confidence - Life coaching

60min 4,500 Points

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Gain self-confidence, boost your self-esteem, believe in yourself. Also, I help with other problems e.g.:anxiety, stress, make changes, grief, relattionship problems etc. Please send me a message.


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Building confidence

This is just one of the issues, but you can request anything else eg anxiety, stress, make changes, grief, relattionship problems.

(Life coaching)

Why are we not confident? How do we lose confidence? How to build it up again? If you have these questions in your life and facing with confidence issues you are at the right place.

The purpose of this lesson
- Clarify why we are not confident?
- Reflection on your life
- Discover possibilities

What is included in this session?
First part
Brief introduction of confidence issues, situations in life. I will talk about the subject
Second part
Questions and Answers - Discussion of your issues you are facing in your life

A single session perhaps will not resolve all your issues in life, however, might help you to clarify and understand yourself, your situation.

This is an initial lesson could lead to continued work. After this lesson, we can continue this discussion and with my help and support, you will have the potential to make lasting changes in your life.

All lessons are in English. I speak in a simple way that non-native speakers understand easily, so you should feel at ease during the lessons. Please have your camera working, so we both see each other during the discussion.

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Gain self-confidence, boost your self-esteem, believe in yourself. Al...

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