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Mr Ian > Your English Course - 25 Minute 4 Lesson Pack

Your English Course - 25 Minute 4 Lesson Pack

25min 3,800 Points

Skype Lesson

4 Pack - Together we made and and reviewed the custom course material, now it is time to start !




When you buy this lesson plan, I issue you
           4 individual lesson coupons.
We have already designed your course during our Introduction Lesson, but I am always fexible and we can amend it as needed.

Remeber, when you buy a lesson from me, I give you more than just the minutes you pay for, I give you materials, I give you follow up, I give you self study exercises, I motivate you  to do the self study - In return for my extra effort, I expect extra effort from you.

We will cover -
                   General conversation
                   Introduction to new vocabulary and it's meaning

                   Comprehension check
                  Questions and Answers

New Students Welcome!

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• Cancelation possible at any time without charge.

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No-Show→ 100% of price charged.

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4 Pack - Together we made and and reviewed the custom course material...

4 Pack - Together we made and and reviewed the custom course materia...

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