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New Column and Facebook

Feb 9, 2019

Hello All

 I recently received several requests for a description of my experience as an English language teacher for NOVA in Japan. I worked for NOVA in Tokyo for two years - one year in Kawasaki and the other year in Ebisu.
Well, good news! I have just published a tutor column about my NOVA experiences. You can read about them in the Tutor Column on my profile. Let me know your thoughts!

Also, I now have a link to my Facebook page on my Cafetalk profile. Find me and Like Me at KT_Cafetalk - you can find the Facebook icon on my profile page - just click on it to discover lots of tips, suggestions and recommendations to improve your English. I will be adding videos, resources and study aids on the page in the coming weeks so keep checking it!

Thank you, again, to you all for your wonderful support, encouragement, enthusiasm and chats! I've so enjoyed meeting and talking to you and look forward to lots more interesting conversations! Thank you, too, for all your lesson requests - I really appreciate it.

Happy reading and see you soon! 


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