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Tina Tutor Interview

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Q. Hi Tina, would you like to give us a short self-introduction?

A. My name is Tina and I’ve been a tutor in cafetalk for almost 2 years now. I currently live in Singapore but I was born in Manila Philippines. I’m 26 years old, currently working in one of the biggest publishing company here in Singapore, Marshall Cavendish. I assign the highest value to things won through the hardest work. To me, everything worth having is worth working hard for. During my free time, I love reading business/self-help books, reading blogs and of course, facebook!

Q. According to your profile, you are from the Philippines, and you are working in Singapore now. First, please tell us about your home country?

A. Oh yes! I would love to tell you more about my hometown. I was born in the city capital of the Phillipines – Manila City. All I can say is….It’s more fun in the Philippines! A lot of people don’t know that we have the best white sand beaches in the world and Filipinos are known to be warm and friendly people. It is a country truly gifted with magnificent natural resources and lovely citizens.

Q. I heard Singapore is one of the best places to live in. Could you give us a glimpse of what life there is like?

A. Words to describe Singapore – Clean. Safe. Fast-paced. It’s amazing how such a small country can offer so much to the world.. Singapore boasts of some of Asia’s best tourist spots and state-of-the-art infrastructures. But despite being one of the major players in innovation and technology, Singapore is so lucky to be able to preserved their culture and heritage. You can never go wrong with Singapore food too!

Q. You have an interesting lesson called “Explore Singapore”! Please tell us a little bit about this!

A. My lesson “Explore Singapore”” will definitely save you the time and effort in researching the ins and outs of visiting Singapore. It is an essential guide to the hippest, coolest places to visit, never-to-miss Singapore dishes and many more. Feel free to ask me anything about Singapore. I will try my best to help you out.

Q. Your lesson targets a wide range of students from beginners to intermediate to Kids. How do you differentiate teaching the lessons in all levels?

A. For every new student who enroll in my lesson, I make sure to ask these 3 magic questions:

  • How long have you been studying the English language?
  • Why do you want to learn/improve your English speaking, listening and reading skills?
  • What do you expect from me as your tutor and from this lesson that you enrolled in?
After asking these questions and if the student has answered it to the best of his/her ability, we’re sure to have an amazing tutorial session.

Q. What do you think is the best way for non-native speakers to speak English with confidence?

A. I’ve got 3 tips for everyone who wants to sound and feel confident speaking English. They’re based on my personal experience because I myself is a non-native speaker of the English language too:

  • Slow down (nobody’s rushing you too finish what you’re about to say)
  • Keep your language simple (your goal is to EXPRESS what you want to say and not to IMPRESS people)
  • Check for understanding (there’s no harm in asking the person you are speaking to if he/she understood what you just said)

Q. Finally, would you like to leave a message for our students?

A. Please don’t forget to visit my cafetalk profile and I hope to see you in my lesson soon! Plus, I invite you to “like” my Facebook page and receive tons of practical tips on how you can improve your English fluency. KEEP ON LEARNING AND ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!



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