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Webinar for Translators

Would you like to work as a translator? What is like to be a translator? Professional translator will give you some tips to become a translator!

English and Spanish tutor Alison, who also works as a translator for more than 10 years, is going to give you some tips to become a professional translator!

Seminar Details

Date / Time:
Wed Mar 25th, 2020 21:00 (Japan Time)
About 45 Min
(Sold Separately): 500 Points
Alison Illanes


1. My experiences as an Interepreter and a Translator (2 min)
2. Concepts of language and relationship between language and culture (2 min)
3. The 7 most important translation techniques (8 min)
4. How to start working as an online translator (8min)
5. Benefits of working as an online translator or freelancer (5 min)
6. Online tools and softwares (10 min)
7. Companies hiring online translators (7 min)
8. Payment methods for Online Translators (3 min)
9. Q&A (5 min)

Webinar for Translators

Wed Mar 25th, 2020 21:00 (Asia/Tokyo)

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Cafetalk tutor Alison Illanes

Alison Illanes

My name is Alison Illanes, Bolivian Spanish native speaker, but I went to an American School and I have been speaking American English since I was about 6 years old. I am a translator/interpreter (English/Spanish - Spanish/English) & a certified Lawyer (Master in contract Law) I speak 4 languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese)

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