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Japanese pronunciation taught by a voice professional Practice time! Learn how to correctly pronounce sa, shi, su, se and so!

Japanese Pronunciation Improvement Seminar for Speaking Natural Japanese Part 3

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Date / Time:
Tue Dec 21st, 2021 20:00 (Japan Time)
About 30 Min
500 Points
Live viewing AND viewing of the recording are both possible
Yukina Kita


▼If you have mastered Japanese grammar, but struggle with pronunciation

As more and more people become interested in Japanese anime, music, history, and other aspects of Japan, more and more people are also studying Japanese.
Since everyone is studying very hard, people will naturally say: "Your Japanese is very good!"
However, in daily life, the purpose is to communicate, so there are very few people who will point out pronunciation mistakes to you.
It is very important to also learn from the perspective of pronunciation!

▼The sa, shi, su, se, so sounds that everyone struggles with

A lot of students say they are struggling with the pronunciation of "sa-column"!
Do you know how to pronounce it correctly?
The way you use your tongue, the way you use your breath, and the way you pronounce the vowel sounds are all very complicated.
However, most people don't know this and use their habits of speaking in their own native language.

In this seminar, I will carefully explain how to pronounce it, how to use your tongue, how to use your breath, etc.!

<Seminar content>
・Why your pronunciation might sound different from Japanese native speakers
・How to use your tongue and practice sa, shi, su, se and so
・Q&A corner to answer your questions

Practice time! Learn how to correctly pronounce sa, shi, su, se and so!

Tue Dec 21st, 2021 20:00 (Asia/Tokyo)

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Cafetalk tutor Yukina Kita

Yukina Kita

Hello, I am tutor Kita Yukina!

I work as a singer-songwriter, giving live performances, singing and speaking lessons, and streaming videos. Generally I am working using my voice!

I often sing in English, and I thought I could be confident in my English pronunciation.
But my English teacher told me that my pronunciation was a little off.
So I decided to ask them to teach me how to pronounce English correctly.
In the process, I discovered the difference in the sound of the voice and the use of the tongue between speaking Japanese and other languages.

People who speak languages other than Japanese, such as English and Chinese, have different places to make their voices sound and use their tongues differently.
By understanding these differences in detail, you can easily improve your Japanese pronunciation!

Please come to the seminar to learn more about how Japanese pronunciation works!

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