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Learn what it takes to become an interpreter

Bridging Languages: Learn what it takes to become an interpreter

Do you already speak very good English and want to become an interpreter?
Do you already work in the interpretation field but you need further advice and techniques?
Are you curious about what it takes to become an interpreter? Then, this seminar is for you!
Alison will give you some useful guidelines on how to become a professional interpreter, 100% practical.

Learn what it takes to become an interpreter

Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 21:30 (Asia/Tokyo)

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Seminar Details

Date / Time:
Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 21:30 (Asia/Tokyo)
About 40 Min
30 minute + 10 minutes Q&A at the end (40 min total)
Video Available Later
Alison Illanes

Upper Intermediate or Advanced understanding of English


• Selfintroduction
• My experience as an interpreter
• How I learned to easily communicate in different languages and advices to people struggling with
communication in a foreign language.
• Basic concepts (types of interpretation)
Simultaneous interpretation Consecutive interpretation Sight interpretation
• 30 practical tips for the interpreter with examples
• Translating idiomatic expressions (localization) and What to do when you can’t come up with a word
at the exact moment
• Q&A (10 min)


Students who will participate in the live seminar will receive a coupon for Alison's interpretation lesson called INTERPRETER’S MANUAL.

It is a no-skype lesson consisting of a guide made by Alison, called "common guidelines of the interpreter" Interpreter's manual. It is only 500 points, but the students will get an additional 10% discount anyway.

Cafetalk tutor Alison Illanes

Alison Illanes

Hello! My name is Alison Illanes, Bolivian Spanish native speaker, but I went to an American School and I have been speaking American English since I was about 6 years old.

I will tell you first about my personality, I love traveling, meeting new people and new cultures, I am friendly and outgoing, I am responsible with my job and I love teaching and learning! I am also an amateur actress and a singer.

Well, now about my occupation, I am a translator/interpreter (English/Spanish - Spanish/English) & a certified Lawyer (Master in contract Law) I speak 4 languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese)

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