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Guten Tag! Mein Name ist Franziska. Ich komme aus Deutschland, aus Düsseldorf. Aber jetzt lebe ich in Japan, in Tokyo. Sie möchten mit mir zusammen Deutsch lernen? Ich freue mich, Sie kennenzulernen!

Nice to meet you! My name is Franziska, originally from Dusseldorf, Germany, I currently live in Tokyo, where I work as a German language teacher. I have an MA degree in Japanese Studies and an additional qualification for teaching German as a foreign language.

When not teaching I enjoy reading, drinking coffee and discovering the beautiful city around me.

Teaching Background

I have been working as a language teacher in Germany and Japan since 2014, after interning at language schools in Japan and Germany while studying. I have worked as an instructor at a private German language school for Japanese learners in Germany for two years before moving to Tokyo, where I currently live.

Currently I am teaching groups as well as private lessons, with a focus on every-day language and the necessary practical knowledge to enjoy living in Germany. Most of my students were (and are) Japanese, so I know especially the problems (and strengths!) of Japanese native speakers learning German well.

As I also learned various languages (Japanese, English, French) myself and also experienced every-day life in a foreign country, I have a good understanding of language students’ needs, and also of the problems that students may face.

Learning German

While learning a new language is of course never easy, I also think that it should be fun.

Understanding grammar and vocabulary is important (I will help you with that, of course!), but actually using the language is not only more fun but also really important for understanding a new language and culture.

So, while I recommend using a textbook as a foundation for our lessons (especially for beginners) I will always try to take the situation and personal interest of my students into account.

You plan to travel or to move to Germany? We could practice ordering a cup of coffee, booking your hotel, or buying train tickets in Germany.
You are interested in Germany and culture? We can focus especially on practicing reading and understanding the titles of your favorite pieces of classical music – or the latest Bundesliga news.
You need German for work? If you work at a German company and would like to understand your German colleagues or clients better, we can practice not only business-related vocabulary, but also important skills like communicating via phone or writing formal E-mails.

About my lessons

I recommend to new students to take a trial lesson first, so we can get to know each other and can discuss your goals, preferences and choose a suitable lesson according to your current learning style and preferences.

Especially for beginners I strongly recommend using a textbook for our lessons. In the trial lesson, we can also decide on which one to use. I like to use “Menschen” or “Schritte international” for beginners and “Sicher” for intermediate to advanced learners. If you already have another textbook at home, or wish to use a specific series, we can of course use these for your lessons.

Apart from general language courses, I also offer classes for those of you who already learned German and would like to practice speaking or need help with other specific aspects (writing, test preparation, listening, building your vocabulary).

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Bis bald!


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