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Claudia Tutor Profile

Although I am German i grew up bilingually with English, as many friends of my parents did not speak German.
I am originally an archaeologist, but when I got married to a Japanese and moved to Japan in 1993 we opened a language school in Gunma. My husband was asked to go to Sri Lanka in 2006, so we gave up the language school and since then I teach English online.
I teach basically everything - from conversation to Business English, from discussions to test preparations. Over the years the majority of my students were preparing for tests, mainly TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and Eiken.

Featured Interview

Q. Hi, Claudia! May I ask about your background first? You are originally from Germany, and grew up bilingually with English? A. Yes, I did grow up with English and German. My parents had many friends who did not speak German and so it was common in our house to hear other languages. English and German were the most commonly spoken though. In the beginning, when I learnt to speak, it must have be...

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