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We visited Canada in August this year.I love exchanging travel stories. I think it's a lot of fun a...

General Notices

Hello everyone!

Q: Who am I?
I’m Gavy Grewal, and I am from Canada. I’m 36 years old. I can also speak French, Japanese and Hindi. I love making new friends.

Q)What are my teaching experiences?
I have been teaching at Miyamoto Juku since September 2017. I had also taught at Elementary schools, kindergartens, Junior High Schools, Nova, and Seiha English Academy. I love teaching, and I always focus on creating fun and easy to understand lessons. I have taught learners of all ages. I have been teaching in Japan since February 2014.

Q: What are your qualifications?
I have TESOL diploma and TEYL certificate from London’s teacher training college.

Q: What classes can I teach?
I can teach any types of classes like; Phonic classes, GTEC Bennesse, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, Eiken, center test for the university, grammar classes and a lot more. If you have any special lesson request, please let me know.

Q: What do I like?
I usually like to teach. But, when I’m not teaching; I like cycling or going camping or going for a long drive. I basically love outdoor activities.

Q: Why I came to Japan?
I came to Japan to learn about Japanese culture. I visited Japan back in 2012.  So, I came back on 25 February 2014 and since then I’ve been living in Japan. 

Q: Why am I still living in Japan?
I fell in love with my wife and got married. My wife is from Aomori city, but we moved to Shikoku in March 2015. I love Japanese food, the kindness of people and the culture. Currently, we are living in Marugame city. 

Q: What countries I have lived and visited? 
I the past, I have lived in many countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Korea. I have also visited China, India, Nepal, Cuba, and Thailand.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read about me. If you would like to ask me more questions or have a special lesson request, please feel free to message me. I’m looking forward to seeing you all.

Gavy Grewal

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