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Published 25 Jun, 2019 | View: 153
Marie Kondoが世界中で人気のようです。この人を知ってますか?部屋の片付け方を教えてくれる人です。日本では「こんまり」と呼ばれています。「こんどう まりえ」という名前なので、略して「こんまり...
今日紹介するドラマも、ただ私が好きで観ているドラマです。日本語学習に特別おすすめというものではありません。ドラマのタイトルの「東京」は、日本の首都の名前。「独身 どくしん」は、結婚していない人のこと...
日本でやっている私のおすすめドラマを紹介します。にほんで やっている わたしの おすすめ ドラマを しょうかいします。ただし、日本語の勉強としておすすめという意味ではなく、私が好きだからおすすめする...

General Notices

Your part of an conversation is 80%, mine is 20%.
The most important point is speaking by your self!

*My Lesson*
I correct your Japanese while enjoying our conversation and I also type in chat box.

I wait patiently for you to answer. And I create an environment inducive to conversation and relax.

I don't cut in when you are talking. So you can feel free to speak at your speed.

And I send you feedback with contents of the lesson and advice after the lesson.

*About Me*
Hello. I'm Nozaki.

I live in the city near Tokyo and I speak standard Japanese.

There is a traditional Japanese style room and tatami at my house. It feels good to lie on the tatami.

I had an experience in the corporate world.

I used to work in sales.

I'm a Japanese language tutor in Cafetalk now and I raise my little daughters.

I like bread, cakes. And Yoga, playing basketball also.

My favorite manga are SlamDunk and early DragonBall.

I like to talk with foreign people and I often talk to them in a lot of. places

Learn Japanese and enjoy Japan!

The most important point is speaking by your own.

Even a short lesson, taking many times is better for you.

I can give you lessons for adult and kids.

Let's enjoy talking in Japanese! Feel free:)

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  • Cancelation possible at any time without charge.

After request is confirmed (fixed)

  • Less than 1hours before lesson start time.→ 50% of price charged.
  • No-Show→ 100% of price charged.

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