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Published 20 Jul, 2014 | View: 2532
Published 25 Mar, 2013 | View: 2461
イギリスに来てからよく芝居を観るようになりました。近くにいい劇場があるので多いときには月に2,3回観に行きます。 皆さん“The Woman in Black”というお...
Published 23 Jul, 2012 | View: 3572
私のイギリスの知人にホームレス支援のためのチャリティショップで働いている人がいるんですが、先日彼のお店にこの方々がお見えになりました。(人形ですけど) このフィギュアのモデルは誰なのか聞かれた...
Published 2 Jul, 2012 | View: 4553
日本語教師の仕事を長くやっておりますと、オンラインレッスンでもいろいろと珍事が起こるものでございます。 これは一年前ぐらいにオンラインで日本語を教えていたカナダ人男性のお話です。 この方は真...
イギリス英語でpotato chipsは potato crispsと言います。 イギリスに"Tyrrells"という大手スナック菓子メーカーがあるのですが、そこのcrispsはちょっと厚切りで ...

Yukari Maller Tutor Profile

Learn Japanese with a native Japanese speaker for study, business or fun!

I have lived in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom since December 2009. I am originally from Kumamoto, where I completed a training course at the EII Japanese Language Centre. I have now been teaching Japanese to students of all levels for nearly ten years.

I offer individually tailored lessons and am happy to teach all levels from complete beginner to advanced. I can offer lessons designed to help prepare you for sitting the JLPT exam. I create all of my teaching materials; my lessons are made to measure for each of my students.

I begin by introducing essential sentence patterns and teaching how to use them in practise conversations. I use role-play to make the conversations real and teach how to speak Japanese naturally.You will soon realise my lessons are completely different from normal language studies at school and find that my method is both practical and effective.

I look forward to meeting you and helping with your Japanese study.

Featured Interview

Q. Hi, Yukari Maller! According to your profile, you live in Cheltenham in the United Kingdom. How is your life there? A. Cheltenham is a town in the South West of England, which flourished as a health resort after drinking its spring water became fashionable in the 18th century. In the town you can see a lot of old stone-build houses some of which are more than 200 years old. The countryside is ...

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