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Published 13 Jan, 2014 | View: 4321
Recently I have been “running around like a chicken with its head cut off!” D...
Published 12 Jan, 2014 | View: 3997
I have been running-around-town these last few days, as my already busy schedule suddenly quadruple...
Published 10 Jan, 2014 | View: 4296
~ Good morning everyone ~Yesterday was rather hectic - running around all day, as next week I have ...
Published 8 Jan, 2014 | View: 4596
More often than not, people say; “No, I can’t speak English” ===> HELLO, YOU T...
Published 7 Jan, 2014 | View: 4803
Following on from yesterday ~ “exaggerating” is one of the best ways for advertising; t...

Robin Tutor Profile

My name is Robin ~ I am from the UK; Ladies first, afternoon tea, being polite, happy and friendly to everyone, the English-way. 

I am TEFL/TESOL certified and have lived and worked within the Japanese community for 30 years (10 in Tokyo), so know a few languages and cultures, and teach children, teenagers, adults and professional businessmen. Specializing in the way and reason why YOU want to learn/improve English. 

Look forward to seeing you on Skype . . .

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Robin, would you like to give us a short self-introduction? A. A short introduction, okay… “Hello, my name is Robin ~ my full name is actually Robin Jeremy Garneys LeMare – quite a handful, so Robin is fine ;-) I am from England, born in the north of the country (near the Lake District – ’tis a lovely place to visit), and finished High School and College in the south. I have always enjoyed ...

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