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Published 14 Jul, 2019 | View: 178
生徒の皆様 先日の「カフェトークアワード・2019年上半期」の結果、皆様の助けを借りて、「カフェトーク大賞」を受賞することができました。 前回の「新人賞」に次いで、私にとって2個目の賞であり、大...
メリークリスマス!いつもレッスンをご受講いただきまして、ありがとうございます。クリスマスに関するドイツ語を少し紹介いたします。クリスマス / Weihnachtenメリークリスマス / Fr&oum...
生徒様へ皆様のおかげでカフェトークで100回の授業を行うことが出来ました。本来であれば皆様一人一人にお礼をお伝えするべきところですが、この場を借りて厚く御礼申し上げます。 これからも皆様と一緒に授...
Published 19 Jun, 2018 | View: 1064
German - English   Habt ihr das Fußballspiel gestern gesehen? :) Ich war sehr aufgere...

Franzis Tutor Profile

Dear students ♪

My name is Franzis and I come from Germany.
I'm living in Japan for a couple years and I'm studying the Japanese language.

In the past I worked for a company in England and I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.
Therefore, I believe that my greatest teaching strength is my ability to understand each person unique requirements and assisting them to achieve as much as they can.

I also understand how difficult it can be to live in a foreign country and to learn a new language. Because of my wonderful experience in the past, I would like to show you how much fun it can be to learn German.

I have taught German to students from different ages and language levels.
German for beginners or intermediate, Vocabulary, or just speaking? We adapt the course to your needs.

Let's learn together as a team!

≪To my students who want to make a lesson, but the schedule doesn't fit. Please feel free to ask if there is a lesson available even if the schedule is not open.≫ 
※Please note that your request can sometimes not be fulfilled. 

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Franzis! Would you kindly give a brief self-introduction to the Cafetalk community? A. Guten Tag ! My name is Franzis and I’m a Cafetalk tutor since May 2018. I am from Germany, but living in Japan for 3 years. In my past I had the opportunity to work in England and to meet and work with people from all over the world. It was my dream to live in Japan since my childhood and now I’m here and...

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