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Columns from this tutor to Cafetalk students.
スペインには、有名なMBAスクール EADA等、私立の大学がバルセロナとマドリード に集中しています。   今回は、私の住んでいるバレンシアでのMBA留学を紹介したいと思います。 ...
Have you ever noticed that every Japanese sentence has the particles?   While teaching Japan...
私は、広告代理店時代、広告の仕事はコミュケーションをデザインする仕事だから コミュニケーションの能力がないと、この仕事は出来ないと上司に耳が痛くなるぐらい言われました。   その中で...
Published 25 Dec, 2018 | View: 290
スペインは、サッカービジネスのメッカです。 サッカー留学する人や、サッカーのコーチの資格を取りにくる人もたくさんいます。   サッカー教育は座学が非常に多いことでも有名です。 &n...
Published 20 Dec, 2018 | View: 311
スペインは、ヨーロッパの中では非常に物価が安く   ヨーロッパ進出を考えている人がいれば、非常におすすめです   住む場所によりますが、私の住んでいるバレンシアは &n...

General Notices

Akihisa Tutor Profile

ーNew book releasedー


"10 important particles Joshi in Japanese: Handy, illustrative, simple book to take with from Japanese polyglot (English Edition)"

-10 important particles -

This book deals with the particles
1st part "は、が、の、に"
2nd part "で、へ、と、を、から、まで"

It helps you understand the basic particles.

- Objective of this book -

This book helps you understand
“10 Important Particles = 助詞(じょし)”
,which we see or we use very often times.

This book is simple with illustration focusing on
the concepts of each particle.
You could read it without spending many hours.

There is the summary sheet for 10 important particles
to take with you. You could refer to it and memorize it
whenever you want.
*You could also download on the summary sheet.



< My profile >
*Speaking of the course that I have, you should scroll down to the bottom, thanks.

I live in Valencia, Spain now. Since I was a kid, I was into the idea that I would go abroad and travel around the world. I went to the United States for the first time in my life. It was Burbank in California.
During my study at the university, I traveled a lot in Europe and Asia and I did some internship in the United States. After the graduation, I started working for advertising in Tokyo doing the commercial films and organizing the event for the automaker.

Later, I went to Shanghai and learned to speak Chinese. I got a job at the advertising agency based in Shanghai and I was doing the marketing campaign for the Japanese major electronic brand.

A few years later, the recruiter introduced me to the British maker. I was working in the global sales based in Shanghai. Meanwhile, independently, I started working for myself as the business consultant. I was doing the marketing services for the foreign clinic.

Now I am working as freelance, basically, independent contractor. I am doing marketing services, coaching, translation and Japanese education overseas.

I have been speaking English for almost 20 years.
Having going through all the experiences, I do speak Chinese and Spanish too.

I love music and I have been in the band all the time. I did the recording my music as well.

Now I am learning French and I am doing mainly online-work and writing the book during my free time.

My specialization is marking, coaching and translation.

I have Toeic 925、ITLS C1 and GMAT score.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akihisa.hirano

Instagram: akihisahirano

* I've been speaking English more than 20 years so that I could articulate everything in English.


< Recommendation >

10 important particles in Japanese from Japanese polyglot


I have the facebook and instagram account called "Nihongo Espanol"
offering the news and some learning Japanese material.


Instagram: Nihongo Espanol

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