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RIEKO Tutor Profile

Hi! I am RIEKO.

I currently live in Spain with my husband who grew up here.
I recommend learning Spanish to anyone who speaks Japanese! Spanish pronunciation is similar to that of “Romaji" reading, which children in Japan learn in elementary school.
Finding some words written in Spanish, and actually being able to read it, will add joy in your daily life!

Also, I recommend beginners to learn foreign languages in their native tongues at first. Speaking from my personal experience, I took as many lessons as I can from native speakers when I was in my home country, Japan. However, looking back, I did not learn many in those lessons. It was often too hard for me to follow the lesson taught in a native speed. In fact, what I still remember are those which I understood in Japanese. So, do not feel ashamed to start studying your foreign language in your native tongue! It will actually make you better understand the content and will put less burden on you!

To those Spanish speakers who are studying Japanese!
・Are you currently in Japan and struggling with having a smooth Japanese conversation?
・Wish to learn some Japanese before you fly off to Japan?
      Then, I can help you study Japanese!

When I was in Japan, I used to work as a nurse and helped deliver babies. I also have working experience at a nursery. My passion and love for taking care of children had started years and years ago before I delivered my first baby! Raising up children can be challenging, but it is also a rewarding experience.

So, from my years-long experiences of taking care of children, I opened new lessons for children! Even though I may ask for some assistance from parents, but I am confident saying that I can keep your child’s attention and let them learn with fun!
I teach Japanese to various children and some second generation of Japanese immigrants in Spain,
In my children’s lesson, I use many visual aids, drawing, and singing. The lesson is customized to meet each student’s needs and Japanese levels.
I welcome parents to join our children's lessons and learn Spanish together!

If would you like to learn Standard Spanish and go on a travel to Spanish speaking countries, you are on the correct page!
Send me a message if you have any questions!

【Cafetalk Translation May 2019】
(*Please note that this profile has been translated by Cafetalk for easier understanding. The tutor doesn’t speak English.)

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