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My Name is Lester Clark.  I've been working as an actor, writer, teacher and personal trainer for over five years in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong.  

My long standing interest in other cultures brought me to Japan in 2008.  I worked as an English teacher for the Hida City Board of Education in Gifu prefecture.  In addition to planning and carrying out lessons, I also took on the role of increasing cultural awareness among the Japanese student body and faculty.  I revamped the English program and also created extracurricular English based clubs and activities. I was also responsible for the planning and conducting of special “observation classes”  for the training of other teachers.  I've written and directed  annual “English Dramas” for my students, made short films, and performed in Japanese productions put on by fellow English teachers for our students.  I conduct private English lessons as well as a weekly “English Circle” for adults in the community.  

I left Japan and moved to Hong Kong in 2011 in order to take the Trinity College London CertTESOL course there.  After receiving my TESOL, I started work at EF Englishtown, where I taught business and conversational English to adults and high school students. I also planned and taught classes focused on preparing students for the IELTS exams as well as both the Trinity and Cambridge ESOL exams.  As part of my duties, I also organized and oversaw various Life Club activities where students were given the opportunity to practice social English in real time around town.

In addition to my training and experience as a teacher,  I am also a trained actor and well acquainted with the various accents and dialects of English, as well as the mechanics of the voice and mouth.  Both my acting and teaching careers have required that I be familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).   

I now live in Los Angeles, but I still have a passion for teaching English.  I'm confident that I have both the skills and personal qualities to be an effective teacher.  Thanks for reading, and hope to see you soon!

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Q. I heard you work as an actor in Los Angeles! Could I ask about your recent work? A. I’m working on a few things here in LA, but they aren’t finished yet, so I can’t talk about them. However, my most recent job was the Hong Kong debut of the off-broadway play, “The Last Days of Judas iscariot.” The play is about Judas, the man who betrayed Jesus. He is on trial, in a place between heaven and he...

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