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Published 10 Jul, 2019 | View: 83
Spending ones time at a beach is totally fulfilling in more ways than one may be able to think. The...
Published 28 May, 2019 | View: 148
  When a hobby turns into something fun to do, you will want to continue with your hobby as...
Published 21 Jan, 2019 | View: 263
When one tries hard to cover up what is true, it`s then and only then that they become a person tha...
Published 27 Dec, 2018 | View: 299
Well, it`s that time again when we all have come to the end of another year. With Christmas now&nbs...
Published 28 Nov, 2018 | View: 400
Many people will come and go that’s in your life, some will call you their friends and some w...

Dean William Tutor Profile

I'm from Hawaii, born and raised in Hawaii. Presently, I'm living in Japan and teaching daily conversational English.

I have been teaching English here in Japan for about 10 years now. If you are interested about Hawaii, and you would like to make improvements to the way that you speak in English, I will do my best to help you with English.

A little about myself.

When I have free time, I like to hang out on the beach with friends, while having a BBQ and watching the sun set. 

I also like swimming, skin diving, fishing, body boarding, water skiing, and hiking.

Recently, I have been interested in photogrpahs and video editing.

If you want to know more about Hawaii or myself, and you would like to improve the way that you speak in English, please let me know.

Thank you. 

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Dean, please tell us a little bit about yourself! As you know, most Japanese like your home island, Hawaii! Could you please tell us about your hometown? A. Where I’m from the weather is like summer all year long. Many of the people that live in Hawaii are very friendly, and extremely easy to talk with. There are many tropical plants to see, and a whole lot of natural fruits to eat. The mou...

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