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Hello. My name is Astrid. I am now living in Japan. I enjoy learning about different cultures as well as traveling. 

I have a degree in Linguistics. 
I also have a TEFOL from San Diego State University in San Diego, CA, USA.
I am certified in Spanish and English medical interpretation and translation.

I have extensive experience teaching in America, South Korea and Japan.

I am bilingual in Spanish and English. I can teach you either languages.

My hobbies are going to cafes, blogging, trying new food and cute fashion.

I would like to teach you conversational English, or Spanish as well as idioms, interesting topics, informal and formal English/Spanish. I am also able to teach topics such as travel and business.

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  • Business English

    Let’s use English in a business setting. Would you like to know how to write a business email in English or talk to English speaking clients? I hope you enjoy my lesson!
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   2,000P
  • Japanese Culture discussion

    Discuss and talk about living and traveling in Japan. Learn some interesting things about japan while using the English language.
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   1,500P
  • Let’s speak in English!

    Open discussion and conversation in English.
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   2,000P
  • Travel English

    Learn English terminology and how to use English while traveling the world. English is useful for traveling to other countries.
    English   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   1,500P
  • Japanese culture

    Learn and discuss about Japanese culture in Spanish.
    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   1,500P
  • Medical terminology in Spanish

    Learn Medical terms in Spanish for those who work in hospitals or clinics with Spanish speakers.
    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   2,000P
  • ¡Español para todos!

    Esta clase es para aprender español en forma de plática y conversación.
    Spanish   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   2,000P

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