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Hi, I'm Lara. I WELCOME ALL STUDENTS OF EVERY LEVEL. I am here to help you improve your English.  As a creative writer with several self-published books and e-books, I am passionate about helping people express themselves in a way that others will understand.  I have a TEFL cerificate and experience tutoring people of all ages in speakingreading and writing English. I am extremely patient and kind.

We can pick a topic that interests you and use that to improve your English.  I change each class to suit the level of the student so that you get the special attention you need to feel successful in your learning of English.   I also have classes that deal specifically with the pronunciation of "L" and "R" sounds.  Because we work together to improve your English, you can request the topic and control the speed and content so that you get exactly what you desire.  Each class is unique depending on the needs of the student.  I aim to please and do my best, so I am here for you to feel good about your efforts in learning and improving your English.   

On a side note: you can see photos here of me and goats.  Male goats often need to be saved from slaughter because of the dairy industry.  They need a mom.  I became a Mamagoat and have saved, raised and socialized a couple of goats that mean the world to me.  Believe it or not, I taught them a lot of English and, since they are quick learners, they understand more English than most people in this world.  

The above photo is of my beloved goat Rocky (the one I am kissing) who passed over in January 2017.  The other goat is my beloved Sunshine.  I am showing these photos because my life has been centered around these goats for many years and one cannot know me without hearing about my goats.  

The above photo is of my beloved elder goat Patches who passed over a number of years ago.  He was my first goat that brought me into the amazing world of goats.     

The above photo is of my beloved Sunshine who brings sunshine into my life.  Goats are extremely brilliant and can grasp language easily.  It is so much fun to communcate with them because they learn quickly and can understand so much.  Goats are not stubborn, as some say; they are just very determined and do things their own way.    

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