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MAMI.M Tutor Profile

Hi! I am MAMI. Let's study Japanese with fun!

I teach Japanese at a Japanese language school besides teaching at Cafetalk.

~ What I can help you with ~
  • Read and white Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji)
  • Study for JLPT(N5~N1)
  • Daily life conversation
  • Phrases to know before traveling to Japan
  • Write a diary in Japanese
  • Talk about cooking
  • Anything else you need help with learning Japanese!

~ Textbooks I can use to teach ~
  • つなぐにほんご 初級1 初級2 アスク出版 (Tsunagu-Nihongo, Beginners Level 1 and 2, Asuku Publisher)
  • みんなの日本語 第2版 初級Ⅰ 初級Ⅱ スリーエーネットワーク (Minna no Nihongo, the Second Edition, Beginners Level 1 and 2, 3A Corporation)
  • For the other textbooks, please consult with me.

~ Places ~
I live in Nara Prefecture, where many old temples and shrines locate. My hometown is in Hokkaido Prefecture, which is the northernmost prefecture of Japan and is famous for its annual snow festival.

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