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Saxs.J Tutor Profile

Good Day Everyone!

Thank you for visiting my profile!
My name is Saxs J. But please feel free to call me Sax Sensei.

I teach art and design as well as Japanese.
Given below is a brief introduction about myself.

- A Little About Myself -

I was a Textile Designer for the second largest Fashion Retailer in Japan for over 3 years before taking a sabbatical to concentrate on my individual business ideas.

Since my younger days, I had passion towards art and design,which prompted me to become a tutor at Cafetalk and share my passion with the rest of the world.

Furthermore, I am currently in the process of polishing my English skills and, intend to provide Japanese lessons to those interested!

My graduation art work

- Teaching Experience -

I have teaching licenses for Art and Craft.
I taught students "Poster design" and "Water painting" for practical training in the past few months.

I have prior experience in organizing workshops (Wall painting and Cardboard Craft) for children of younger age.

My students works, To teach is to learn.

- Contents And Style Of My Lesson -

・The foundation of dessin(drawing): To improve your skillset
・Bespoke lessons to cater the needs of each student (As per request)
・Art and design lesson for children: To bring up a flexible thinking, To support in homework etc…)

The coverage of my work and the areas where tutoring could be provided is given below:
・Oil painting
・Water painting
・Dessin (Drawing by pencils or colored pencils)
・Graphic design
・Dyeing and Embroidery

I can teach in various genres.

However, if you intend to improve your drawing skill, I would recommend undertaking the 『Basic of dessin』course as well, dessin is a basic skill and the ability to observe is the most important factor in creating something.

A dessin by colored pencils

- The Message from me -

Thank you for taking your time! What do you have images of art and design?

Creation absolutely doesn’t care you are “Good” or “Poor”.

At first, Let’s just start to “Observe stuffs with love” and “Treat your tools” , “Think from various viewpoints”.

Shall we bring up our rich hearts in these lessons (our creativity)?
I can’t wait to see you!


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